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Claims Preparation or Defence.

We have wide experience in the identification of additional payment and time entitlements under all forms of standard construction contract and subcontract, as well as many bespoke forms. We have established and/or developed payment claims with values into the £millions, and have prepared and submitted extension of time claims running to as long as 10 months.

Claims PreparationOur forensic approach, utilising our many years of large project experience gives us an unrivalled ability to identify change, delay and disruption and to prepare compelling submissions which facilitate successful negotiations. Our Quantity Surveying expertise and commercial acumen then comes to the fore in maximising the value of the claimed entitlement and subsequently the settlement agreement.

RJH are therefore well placed to use their claims skills in reverse when it comes to the need to prepare a robust defence to claims received, ensuring that the claimant is required to properly and fully demonstrate his case.

No-win No-Fee Adjudication Service
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