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Dispute Resolution.

RJH have helped their clients to resolve disputes ranging from £10,000 to £12 Million in value. Often, an initial letter is all that is required to bring the problem to a head and to facilitate negotiations. Our support at the negotiating table has proved highly beneficial in obtaining much fairer settlements for our subcontractor clients in particular.

Dispute ResolutionHowever once a dispute has manifested itself, it usually means that the other party has made a positive decision not to pay, or to agree to the required extension of time. In these situations RJH regularly provides a full Adjudication service. With your input, we prepare and submit all of the necessary formal adjudication documentation, arrange for the appropriate appointment of an experienced Adjudicator, and manage the process up to the obtaining of a Decision. In over 50 Adjudications to date, we have been very successful in all but one of our cases; that one loss was anticipated, in line with our earlier advice when first approached.

The majority of Adjudications are inevitably about quantum payment disputes; however we have also successfully obtained extensions of time, repayment of liquidated damages, final retention release, and declarations regarding responsibility for defects.

In addition to Adjudication, we are equally able to advise upon and represent our clients in other forms of dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration and expert determination.

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