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How RJH Commerical Consulting Can Help You.

The following is an overview of how we work (using a contractual payment dispute as a typical example). Regular Client consultation and updating on progress are of key importance at all stages:

  1. Meet with our Client to discuss his problem/support requirements and to discuss initial options to address the issues identified.
  2. How We HelpReview the contract documentation and relevant correspondence and advise upon the relative strengths and weaknesses of the specific case. Subsequently recommend a proposed course of action which is most suited to the particular problem faced. This will include initial guidance on the likely cost of the proposed action plan.
  3. Issue initial correspondence to the other party setting out our Client’s basis of claim and requiring positive response by a specified deadline.
  4. If some sort of positive response is received, we would then engage in further correspondence and dialogue with a view to ultimately reaching an acceptable negotiated settlement of the dispute. Alternatively, the Client may take on the negotiations himself, supported by RJH in whatever way necessary.
  5. If no positive response is provided, following agreement with our Client and subject to the existence of a Construction Contract in writing, we would then issue a formal Notice of Adjudication and apply to the appropriate Adjudicator Nominating Body for their appointment of an Adjudicator. It is however essential that this process is not commenced until our Client’s case is fully prepared and backed by the appropriate documentation in evidence.
  6. RJH then manages the whole of the Adjudication process, which normally takes 35 days from issue of the Notice of Adjudication. The Client will be involved at all stages in providing key supporting information and in any strategic decisions which need to be made at various times during the process.
  7. Obtain a successful Adjudicator’s Decision.
  8. If (in the unlikely event that) the Client still does not pay up - Arrange for enforcement of the Decision, via solicitors through Summary Judgement proceedings.
No-win No-Fee Adjudication Service
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